Friday, March 11, 2016

D39C Recycling Bins

The New Recycling Bins
By: Zil, Karis, Jason, & Lucas

Screenshot 2016-03-01 at 11.39.00 AM.pngIMG_0614 (1).jpg   Our school has 10 new recycling bins and they are still deciding where to put them. That is why you haven't seen them around yet. Mr.Bernal the  school custodian said that they the recycling bin shown  here is going to be used only for cans and plastic water bottles.We are putting out new recycling bins because everything right now goes into the trash but if they have recycling bins we can help the environment by starting at school. These recycling bins will be put out soon.They are also going to put out recycling bins like the one below for empty milk cartons and juice cartons.We may also recycle our lunch trays so if they are clean and don’t have any stains on them they will recycle them.When they say recycle they mean that they would pick the trays up, shred them, clean them, reassemble them, and then they will take it to schools that use the trays.The trays have to be really clean like if your plate looks like the one on the right.We asked a few  kids at our school if they would use the recycling bins and If they thought it would help with the trash problem going on at the school. Remember to look for the recycling  bins.

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