Friday, March 25, 2016

Tour of the D39C Cafeteria

Some of you may think, is the school food imported? Is it frozen? Is it brought to school by a truck? Well here’s one thing for sure. It is made fresh by the food and nutrition cooks.
Four student reporters went down under to the cafeteria to look behind the scenes of the cooks making food for us. They showed us how they prepped it and got it out into the food court.
The two of the coldest places in the kitchen are the freezer which is -10 degrees and the other would be the fridge. They use them for the hot dogs or other meats that will be ready by the next day.  Two of the news group members went inside, finding out that it was so cold.
They also have ovens. Not one, not two, but seven ovens just to cook your food! The ovens are fast heating and it could take ten minutes to cook the pizza.
After all the food that is served to you, and you thought that it was imported from a truck that ships it to the cafeteria! The reality is, they don't just heat up the food and serve it, they actually cook it on site. Maybe this helps change your mind on the food here at Design39. We should appreciate the cooks and what they do to make our food. Thank you to the 39 Cafeteria workers for spending your time to make our food.

The Truth About School Lunch

Built up by various TV shows, school lunch has received a ‘controversial’ reputation. By the Collaborative’s request, we went out and found the truth about school lunches. They wanted to understand what the students at D39C really thought about the overall lunch experience. Do you want to know the startling results? Click the video to find out.IMG_7201.JPG

Doodling and Zentangles!

Do you doodle when a class is boring? If so, than Doodling & Zentangling is for you. This new Exploration, has captured the attention of the Design 39's 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders. This relaxing art class is more than drawing, it’s “yoga for the mind”. In Doodling & Zentangling, you test your creativity to fit inside a 1” by 1” square and see where your ideas take you. It’s not sketching, it’s zentangling! You may be wondering what’s in the name, zen-tangling. “Zen” is a relaxation zone you generally reach with meditation. “Tangles” is an adapted term for rectangles, a square is a rectangle, and you doodle inside the square during this class. Hence the term, Doodling & Zentangling. To learn more, click the video.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Art D39C's Resident Art Class Explores Various Forms of Creation

PLTW Skimmers! 6th Grade

6th Grade PLTW

By: Kate, Hannah, Dheeraj, and Caeden

The 6th graders at Design39Campus are in a Deep 
dive called Project Lead the Way taught by Mr. Bret Fitzpatrick. A Deep Dive is a class where students can learn more about a certain topic for 90 minutes a day. In this class they are making paper skimmers, and by the end of the week, they have to get their skimmer past the 60 ft mark to pass the class.
These students have been working hard on getting there skimmers to pass that mark and even beating the school record, which is 120 ft. The students make their skimmers by folding and cutting paper in a certain way. Then they add 2 vertical stabilizers on the sides and a scoop on the bottom. The stabilizers stabilize the skimmer while it is in “flight”. The scoop controls the airflow under the skimmer to create lift to allow the skimmer to “float” across the floor.

We interviewed four students and they told us a little about the class and the skimmers, the way that these skimmers can work will blow your mind. Check out the video above to get the inside scoop on what's going on in the 6th graders Project Lead the Way class at Design39Campus.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2/3 Old Town Field Trip Preview

Old Town 2/3 Field Trip

The 2nd and 3rd graders are taking a trip to Old Town, San Diego. Old Town is a historic piece of San Diego full of rich culture and history, including houses, banks, hotels, jails, and a cemetery. The 3rd graders we interviewed are very excited about visiting!
old-town-san-diego.jpgThe students have been learning about an essential question : San Diego history - Then & Now. Old Town was founded by Spanish settlers exploring California. Students will get a hands on a tour, getting to see how these Spanish settlers lived. The kids will get to see artifacts and culture first hand, and the tour guides will even perform skits with them to keep the trip interesting. Overall, the trip will show them how San Diego was then, versus now.

We interviewed teacher, Mrs. Castillo, about the field trip. “They really get to see all of those things, and make sense of history long ago versus today. They get to make those comparisons.”

Friday, March 11, 2016

7th Grade Spanish Class

Spanish A Day-Design39Campus
By: Marielle, Ryan, Iniyaa, and Noor

At Design39Campus, there is a spanish class taught by the wonderful Mrs. De La Torre. In the Spanish A Day class, the students are making paper dolls. Each doll has their own style. The students have to explain what they look like, but in Spanish. We interviewed some students to ask them about what they experienced in this class and how the class impacted them. They shared their opinions and thoughts about the class and what they are learning.

Our interviewees, Brooke and Paige, were very informational about what they’re learning and their feelings about the class. They seem like they are enjoying the class and are very engaged about the topic. Mrs. De La Torre is and has been doing a great job teaching her students about the this cool language.

Redesigning the LOFT Experience


As the Design39Campus loft was created, our staff has realised that they want a better environment for the students in the loft. The loft is similar to a library, but more modern. The old loft consists of tables, books, and lots of other glass sound proof rooms for meetings.

Mrs. Hamilton has shared her plans for the loft with us, and we’d like to share with you what our future loft plans are. So first off, they are taking away the majority of the tables and chairs, and replacing them with much more comfortable chairs making it a much more comfortable environment for the children. Mrs. Hamilton is also creating a Tech Bar, which is actually run by students. Parents and teachers can give them the tech and they will work with it, as well as try to fix it. The last additions to our loft are more copies of books, which will then add more bookshelves to the loft. 

We hope our article and video helped you learn more about the loft redesign. We thank Mrs. Hamilton for her time and effort that goes towards helping the students.

Article and Video by:
Zoe V. , Abby R. , Caden U. , and  Jake K.

How to fix an EXPO marker!

How many times have you found a bad marker and had to throw it away ? Well, now you don’t. All it takes is a few easy steps, and your bad marker will be as good as new.

If you have a tip that in pushed in or a dead marker, follow the steps below
You will need: one pair of pliers, and a pencil

  1. The first step is you take the pliers and pull off the bottom of the marker by the little white hinges.


  1. Then you have to squeeze the ink cartridge and find the which end of it works better.  
  2. Next, you take your pencil, and push the tip out of the top part f the marker and find which side works better.
Finally, you put the tip of the marker back in and the ink cartridge in and then cap it up. IMG_0071.JPG    IMG_0072.JPG

If the marker doesn’t work at first, shake it for a while and keep testing it until it works.  



D39C Recycling Bins

The New Recycling Bins
By: Zil, Karis, Jason, & Lucas

Screenshot 2016-03-01 at 11.39.00 AM.pngIMG_0614 (1).jpg   Our school has 10 new recycling bins and they are still deciding where to put them. That is why you haven't seen them around yet. Mr.Bernal the  school custodian said that they the recycling bin shown  here is going to be used only for cans and plastic water bottles.We are putting out new recycling bins because everything right now goes into the trash but if they have recycling bins we can help the environment by starting at school. These recycling bins will be put out soon.They are also going to put out recycling bins like the one below for empty milk cartons and juice cartons.We may also recycle our lunch trays so if they are clean and don’t have any stains on them they will recycle them.When they say recycle they mean that they would pick the trays up, shred them, clean them, reassemble them, and then they will take it to schools that use the trays.The trays have to be really clean like if your plate looks like the one on the right.We asked a few  kids at our school if they would use the recycling bins and If they thought it would help with the trash problem going on at the school. Remember to look for the recycling  bins.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Musical Creation Deep Dive

Musical Creation

By: Hannah, Kate, Caeden, and Dheeraj

While looking for a topic to do for our school news article we came across a Musical Creations class. Andrew, Alison, Kian, Andrew, Anthony, and Anthony are in a class called musical creations taught by Mr. Manalo. These students were making music with only drumsticks, trash cans, and even their own bodies.
These sounds that these students were making with no instruments. This style of music is called body percussion. They are currently learning about The Blues and how they had an impact on the music we listen to today. They are learning about the cup song which is acapella music, and they are also learning about The Blues.
Overall these student are enjoying a deep dive where they learn about music and ways how it affected how we live today. There can be many unexpected learning experiences within the mysteries and pleasures of music.