Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Best Part of The 2-3 Day!

The Best Part of The 2-3 Day!

In the wonderful B and C building, there are many fun days. For most of the kids, their favorite time of the day is Deep Dive time! There are so many amazing Deep Dives that those smart little kids have. The times that the 2-3 Deep Dives occur are from 11:30-12:15 on Tuesday and Thursday. The fun part is that they get to choose their Deep Dives, too. Do you think you know all of the 2-3 Deep Dives? Well, if you think you do, let's test you…
First of all, do you know what the most popular 2-3 Deep Dive is? Well if you don’t, the most popular one is coding with robots! We have heard that it is one of the best Deep Dives! Do you think it would be fun?
Let's jump on to the next one. Do you think you know ALL of the Deep Dives? Well if you don't know, here they are! Design thinking, Video, 3D Art, Kite design, Music, Space, Coding with Robots, Cardboard Automata, Spanish, Cursive, Watercolor, and Wires, pliers and more. The 2-3 deep dives are great. Which one is the most popular? Well the outstanding thing is that the 2 Deep Dive that you would think are the most popular are, Cardboard Automata and Coding with Robots. When we asked some of the teachers, they said, “ I teach Design thinking” Said Mrs. Cabral “ also, In the Deep Dive that I teach, we were solving problems that our school has”. That sounds like the one we have in the 4-5 pod! There are so many amazing choices that the 2-3 has.
After that, we also went around the 2-3 buildings and asking them about their Deep Dive. One of the boy’s that we interviewed said, “ My Deep Dive is Cardboard Automata” Said a 2nd grade boy named Colin “also in my Deep Dive we research about Cardboard Automata, then design it. After we build one, we build a lot more”.
Did you think that in every Deep Dive they use their devices? Well, if you though so, you were wrong. A third grade boy told us that in his Deep Dive they only use their devices sometimes, but not a lot. Even though they don’t, other Deep Dive classes use their Devices like Spanish and Kite Design. All of the Deep Dives are super fun, though when we asked them if they had a choice to switch Deep Dives of stay in their Deep Dives, a little girl in 3rd named Aya, told us that she has lots of fun learning how to speak Spanish. When she is learning how to speak Spanish, she is learning the language of the Mexican culture.
We had lots of interesting and funny experiences learning about the fun things 2-3 does in their Deep Dives. We heard a lot about the most popular Deep Dive, which was Coding with robots. We were really interested in their explanations of what their Deep Dive is, what they do in their Deep Dive, what are some of the Deep Dives that 2-3 has, which is their favorite Deep Dive, and which Deep Dive they think is the most popular Deep Dive in the 2-3 span.

The Steam Maker Festival

The Steam Maker Festival
By Anisha Jarang, 4-5 School News Team

One word: Inspiring
- Mrs. Robles

The STEAM Maker Festival is an inspiring and creative event. It is great to see what kids are are doing in their classes in southern california.
- Mrs. Lamb

It is a myriad of exhibits. The STEAM Maker Fest demonstrates technology in science and related fields, like robotics.
- Mr. Manolo
At Design39Campus, students can do a variety of projects that involves math, engineering, art, science, and technology. But what if we mixed up that order. What if it was science, technology, engineering, art, and math? Well, what difference would it make? It’s still the same thing. But that order. That very order. Opens a new world for us.

You might ask what’s so special about that order. Well, if you take the first letter of each word in that order, you get a different word. And that word is S.T.E.A.M. Of course it’s not the vapor into which water is converted when heated, or the gas that races it’s way out a kettle. STEAM was originally just taught in school, but then, the whole world wanted to learn and celebrate STEAM, not just schools. So they created the STEAM Maker Festival.

The STEAM Maker Festival is designed to bridge the gap between school based STEAM programs and the MAKER Movement, a “DIY community that has come to be identified as the Maker Movement.”  The STEAM Maker Fest invites crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, and students to teach kids and adults alike about STEAM. You could find people of all ages using 3D printers, crafting utensils out of driftwood, or building fun machines, just for laughs.

Last year, our school participated at the STEAM Maker Fest. Our school always has so much science, technology, engineering, art, and math going on. The name describes it all! One of the nearly 25 students there, was Anisa Anaya, a 3rd grader at the time. She created a cupcake that had candles that lighted up. Owen, a 3rd grader too, at the time, created a house that had little christmas lights, that were actually LED lights. Gabriel, a second grader then, created a glowing snowman! Another student created a christmas tree with lighted-up ornaments. They all used LED lights, copper tape as the electricity conductor, batteries as the power source, and a lot of creativity!

This year’s Maker Fest was on December 5. It was at Del Mar Fairground. It was there last year too. This year, we had a new participant there. Safin Singh, a fourth grader, presented his work from his deep dive:ExploraVision. ExploraVision is a national event, where groups of 3 - 4 students, grade kindergarten through 12th grade, must prototype an invention that has already been invented, and tweak it so that it can be possible to be invented 20 years into the future. Safin and his group created the EveryBit, which can track your heart rate, your state of being, your temperature, take in-watch blood tests, and use your blood samples to look at genetic data. A fifth grader created little bristle bots, which are like DIY hexbugs. You make them with a bristle, a vibrating motor, and a button cell battery. At both events, was a 17-foot tall electronic giraffe, called Russell. People could also create cars in a Nerdy Derby. And there were a lot of booths where you could do all sorts of things, from petting parrots, to watching the stars and seeing where they would be at the time of day!

The STEAM Maker Festival is a one of a kind event, and we are so lucky to have it so close to where we live. There is another STEAM Maker Festival in Florida, and there are tons of Maker Faires around the world (They are like STEAM Maker Fest, but a little smaller)!

So now you know that the STEAM Maker Fest is not a festival to celebrate the gas that water is turned into when heated (even though you can learn about that there too). It is a festival where you can learn and celebrate science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  So if you want to participate there, or just look at the wonders that were built by ordinary people, or simple engineers, the next one is on December 3rd, 2016. And if you’re afraid that you might miss that, you’ll be shocked to find out that it’s every year! So let the countdown begin! 365 days, 364 days, 363 days, 362 days, 361, days, 360 days, 359 days, 358 days, 357 days, 356 days …

5th Grade Impact Projects

Impact Projects
By: Natalia, Lauren, & Lila
4-5 School News Reporters

Have you heard what’s brewing in the fifth grade span? The fifth graders here at D39C have been hard at work, trying to make a project that can make an impact on others! From donating to hospitals, to helping the homeless, all the students in fifth grade have found a project that can somehow change the lives of of others!
How to Make a Good Impact Project

Making impacts can be hard. You might need that spark of inspiration to help you out a bit. If you do… You’ve come to the right place!

  • Put yourself in their shoes.

    • Be empathetic! If you were in need of help what do you think would help you most? What would make an impact on you? What do you want? What do you need? Food? Water? Shelter? Clothes? Money?

  • Be creative.

    • Think of something that’s creative and can help others at the same time. Sometimes if you go outside the box, you can find great solutions waiting for you. Just make sure you don’t go too far out, or you may find yourself not really making an impact.

  • Put in effort.

    • To completely make an impact, try your hardest and you’ll succeed with your result. If you don’t put all of your energy into it, you probably won’t be as successful as others that did put in effort.

Fifth Grade Interviews

Sofia, a fifth grader, is doing a project called “Foster Fun” and she’ll be starting her project in January. There will be a few boxes around the school, and if you have extra toys to donate, you can drop them off in the boxes. Sofia will have the toy boxes out for 1-2 weeks after donations, and take them away to donate after. Here’s what Sofia has to say:

“My impact project is called ‘Foster Fun’. Foster Fun is a toy drive. You donate the toys you no longer use, so we can donate them to kids around the world who don’t have toys.”
I think this would make an impact because kids who have nothing to do, or have to work all day, can play in their free time.
I think by the end of the school year, we’ll have all of the toys donated, and kids around the world will have tons of toys.”
Anjali, a fifth grader, is doing a project called “Dog Walking” and she’ll be starting her project in  January-February. She will help people around the neighborhood who can’t walk there dog for certain reasons like disabilities, injuries, etc. Anjali will be ending her project around May. Here’s what Anjali has to say:

“Our topic is called Dog Walking. Dog Walking is a dog walking project for people who can’t walk their dogs, or have disabilities. They give us a day and place to pick their dog up, so we can walk them.
I think this will make an impact on others because if people can’t walk their dogs, then the dogs will get energised. If the dogs get to energised, then the dog will do things they’re not supposed to. If the dog does things they’re not supposed to do, the owners will get stressed. We’re trying to get the dogs outside and get the energy out, and take the stress off of the owner’s shoulders.
We came with this idea because we know many people who have dogs that can’t walk them, or don’t walk them. We wanted to change that. I believe our impact project will be successful, because many people need this kind of help.” Anjali, 5th Grader.

Charlotte, a fifth grader, is doing a project called “Save the Ocean”, she will be starting this project in March. In this project she will be organizing beach cleanups to go and help save the environment. She will be ending their project once they clean up about 3+ beaches. Here’s what Charlotte has to say:

“We decided to do beach cleanups because, I learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, one day. The other day our teacher told us that we were going to do something called , Impact Projects we decided to do Beach Cleanups.”
“I think , because many people decide to participate in beach clean ups. With this many people, we are hoping to clean up beaches. We are not going to get rid of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but we can make an impact by cleaning up beaches.”
“Me and my group are hoping to clean up at least 3-5 beaches this school year, even if we still get less than that I know we are Saving the Ocean. Because we know that even the tiniest piece of paper picked up at the beach can make a huge difference.  
“Every day millions of pieces of trash gets sucked up into the ocean then these poor animals think that these pieces of trash are food then they end up eating it and die. If we don’t stop this the whole entire ocean can full of trash and all of the creatures inside of it can die and be instinct. Then the world with now only have the creatures on land.”
“Then because of the trash creatures we haven’t ever discovered will be dead. Then we lost our chance of discovering these new creatures”

Months of Holidays

Months of Holidays
By Alex Nelson & Natalie Winkler, 4-5 School News Team

Do you enjoy celebrating holidays? Do you know the reasoning behind these holidays? Well, keep reading to find out information that you may not have known before.  In this article you will be able to learn about the most common holidays celebrated each month.      

January, February, & March
In January there is a holiday that many people in the world celebrate and that holiday is New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day is one day out of the year that is like no other day. This day is celebrated since it is the first day of the new year. Many people make New Year's Resolutions. Since it is the New Year, people may like to start fresh. Fun Fact!! Did you know that to some religions, New Year’s Day has been celebrated for almost 4,000 years.
In February there is a lovely holiday, Valentine’s Day!!! This is a holiday that mainly children celebrate, but adults will sometimes do nice, loving things too. Fun Fact!!! Almost 150 million cards are estimated to be exchanged. This holiday happens on the 14 of February, and schools around the world exchange and have fun with this celebration.
Now there is St. Patrick’s Day. This is a holiday of luck! They say that if you find a four leaf clover, than you will have luck for the rest of the year. If you get lucky, than you might even find some gold! Fun Fact! Did you know that until 1970 St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated as only an Ireland holiday?

April, May, and June
Do you enjoy hunting for eggs and eating the candy that you find? Well many people do, Easter is a fun holiday for kids all ages, and it is fun for parents to watch their kids go run excitedly and enjoy trying to find their candy and eggs. One of the fun things to do for Easter is paint a hard boiled egg. You can paint the hard boiled egg any way you would like. Fun Fact!! Easter was created because it was the day that Jesus Christ had died.
Now in May, there is a special holiday, Memorial Day! Memorial Day is when you honor the military soldiers that died.  Fun/Sad Fact!! The war that killed the most soldiers was the Civil War, it was sad, but we still honor them today.
Another holiday is the amazing Flag Day. Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 and we honor this holiday since that was the day that the United States flag was created. Fun Fact!! In 1777 the flag was created, that means that the flag has been around for 238 years.

July, August, & September
As most of you all know, on the 4th of July, it is someone's birthday, or should I say something. Of course, it is America’s birthday. Now, people cannot go around saying that America was “born” on this day. It was actually the birth of America’s Independence! Fun Fact!!!! In 1776 the birth of Independence was created, therefore, this holiday has been around for 239 years. We have been so lucky to have been able to keep this independence around for so many years.
Now you’re probably wondering, what is the Civic Holiday. This holiday is mainly celebrated in Canada. On this day, many people will go on trips, go camping, or enjoy time somewhere outside of your house. Fun Fact!! Very few people outside of Canada celebrate this holiday, therefore, it is unique!
Finally, there is the holiday in September, Labor Day! Labor Day is a holiday that is celebrated internationally. The reasoning behind this holiday is to celebrate the festivities held in honor of the working people, almost to give them a day off since they are always working. Fun Fact!!!! Labor Day has been around for only 126 years, that is short for when a holiday was created!

October, November, & December
The next three holidays that we will be telling you about are the ones that pretty much everyone loves to talk about! The first one is Halloween. Halloween is on October 31 every year. People around world dress up and walk around to gather candy. This is one of the most unhealthy, yet delicious holidays. This is one of the most old holidays in the world, yet every year people love to celebrate. Fun Fact!!! You can be any age, and still go around as something silly or cool, it is all for the fun of it!
The next holiday is Thanksgiving, which happens to be more of a United States only holiday, but is also celebrated in Canada. We celebrate the day of where the Native Americans helped out the European Colonists to grow things in the winter. Therefore, they became friends and celebrated the first Thanksgiving feast. That is why every Thanksgiving we eat the same thing. Fun Fact!!! Did you know that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts!
Now the last holiday, Christmas!!!!! Now many of you celebrate Christmas, and here is the reason why it is celebrated. Christmas is really the birthday of God’s son, Jesus Christ. On that day many people came to give gifts. Christmas is about giving and receiving gifts from you friends and loved ones! Fun Fact!!!! Did you know that Jesus was estimated to be born on 1BC?