Friday, March 11, 2016

7th Grade Spanish Class

Spanish A Day-Design39Campus
By: Marielle, Ryan, Iniyaa, and Noor

At Design39Campus, there is a spanish class taught by the wonderful Mrs. De La Torre. In the Spanish A Day class, the students are making paper dolls. Each doll has their own style. The students have to explain what they look like, but in Spanish. We interviewed some students to ask them about what they experienced in this class and how the class impacted them. They shared their opinions and thoughts about the class and what they are learning.

Our interviewees, Brooke and Paige, were very informational about what they’re learning and their feelings about the class. They seem like they are enjoying the class and are very engaged about the topic. Mrs. De La Torre is and has been doing a great job teaching her students about the this cool language.

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