Friday, September 18, 2015

Rady’s Bake Sale

Rady’s Bake Sale
By: Julia and Ava from the School News Team

Have you heard about the bake sale on, Friday September 18, 2015 after school? Well a group of lovely 6th grade students by the names of, Kate, Lauren, and Helene are hosting one!

There are yummy treats such as cupcakes for $1.00, cookies, brownies, and gluten free brownies for $0.75. And everything is completely nut free!! With the funds they make it will be donated to the Rady’s Children’s Hospital department of Cancer and blood disorders. How sweet! Speaking of sweetness, these girls decided to do this out of their own kindness. They are from the Impact Project deep dive and had any choice in the world but decided to lend a giving hand to children in need by having a bake sale to donate their profits. Please donate!

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