Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Little Kids, Big Difference

Little Kids, Big Difference

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Little kids, big difference! Four first grade boys decided to take up a challenge, to help remind students to be a good citizen! They first got the idea when the boys came back from using the restroom and said “Mrs . Kasner, somebody's screaming in the bathroom, or someone making a mess in the bathroom.”  Mrs. Kasner’s reply, “Why don't we do something about it!”
The solution the students came up with was signs to go all around the boys and girls bathrooms, all around campus. The kids designed, made, and helped hang up the signs. The signs have simple instructions to be a good citizen and not make a mess in the bathroom.

As Mrs. Kasner says, “This is a good thing for me as a teacher because I am teaching them reading, writing, and math so with this project these four kids learn through those subjects.” The kids, named Parker, Jordan, Mason, and Emre, are very proud of their signs.
bathroom sgins

Remember, these are first graders making a difference. You can make one too!

- Fiona M. & Ella M.
School News Team Reporters

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