Thursday, October 22, 2015

First Grade Halloween Projects

First Grade Halloween Projects
By Ella M. and Kate R., School News Team Reporters

IMG_0268.JPGGuess who is doing halloween projects! First graders! Mrs. Kasner and Mrs. Jacob’s class have decided to make costumes of the students’ choice. They are going to have an exhibition on October 30th. At the exhibition, all the groups will have their own booth presenting what they have worked so hard to create. Some kids are making costumes from real life animals and some are doing ghosts and other imaginary things like that. At their exhibition the student will present, What can I see? What can I hear? What can I do?IMG_0266.JPGIMG_0244.jpg

These kids are 6 or 7 years old and already doing a project that involves researching and lots of time to get the perfect costume. They are using to get all the facts that they need to make their project look like the real thing. They have to find three facts to be able to do their project.  They have a packet that they are all filling out with all the information they need and also drawing what their project is going to look like.

Some kids are making a mask, claws, body, and legs with all the real prints on them. Others are going to be cats. They are also going to make a mask and a shirt and even a shirt as a costume. These students are taking a big step with this project and are working very hard on it. They have come a long way and are doing an amazing job.  We can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

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  1. Thats awesome. I wish I could make my own costumes like that!


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