Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation
By Maia K. and Angelyn, Schools News Team

top-secret-envelope.jpgHave you heard? There’s been a crime at Design39Campus! But never fear, the CSI is on it! CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation. Of course, not the actual CSI, the Design39Campus CSI. That’s right, our school is now offering a CSI class to 6th and 7th graders. The class will have guest speakers, such as real members of the CSI, a police officer, and a lawyer. The students in this interesting exploration will learn chemical analysis, how to tell if something is a forgery, how to find a person based on their dental records, they'll  learn to lift fingerprints, and document a scene. They’ll play the game “Clue”, and eventually, they’ll create their own crime scene. If you didn’t get in, don’t worry, Mrs. Gonzales will probably offer it again, over 90 kids signed up for this popular choice. No more information can be given about this exploration. You’ll have to find out about the CSI class for yourself, because the rest of the information, is classified.

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