Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIY Holiday Ornaments

DIY Holiday Ornaments
By: Carolina Gadberry, Yulianna Galvan and Sophia Rad
 It’s finally the month!  What I mean by that is Christmas! Have you ever wanted to make a DIY ornament, well we’re about to show you two  really fun and easy DIY christmas ornament. Let's get started. Our first ornament is a...

Snowman Hand-print Ornament

Materials needed:
1. Ornament (color optional)
2. Paint (white, black and orange)
Steps to make it
handprint_snowman_ornament.jpg1. Get a color ornament.
2. Take the white paint and paint the palm of your hand
3. Place painted hand onto the ornament, making a hand-print around the ornament.
4. Remove your hand slowly off of the ornament. You now have the body of the snowman.
5.  Set the ornament out to dry.
6.  When dry, use the orange paint to paint the nose of each snowmen (5 total).
8.  Use the black paint to paint on the faces and the buttons for each snowmen.
9.  Set it out to dry.

When it is done drying, you have a cute little Snowman ornament!     

Our next ornament is a …...      
Pixie dust ornament!

Materials needed:
1. Clear ornament
Image result for pixie dust ornament
2. Glitter(any color)
3. Paint Pen (any color)

Steps to make it
1.Take the clear ornament and fill it with glitter.
2. Once filled, take the paint pen and write pixie dust on the outside of the ornament.
3.Set the ornament out to dry.

When it is done drying, you have a magical Pixie Dust ornament!     





  1. I like the creativity of this!

  2. I love the fun ideas! These are really cool ideas for christmas.

  3. I like these DIYs but aren't they already invented? was the picture yours?

  4. I love how cute they look! I will really consider doing this for next Christmas!

  5. Amazing Picture #DIYGOALS #VINES #D39C #hashtag #LOL

  6. These ornamants are really cute and seem easy to make. Good job!

  7. I am going to try this next christmas what get ideas


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